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XpressLink is a faster and safer way to transport heavy stacks of banquet chairs.  XpressLink chair transporters lift and move stacks of chairs like no other chair handling equipment the industry has ever seen.  The exclusive foot lever lift mechanism empowers any staff member to easily and safely lift the heaviest stacks of chairs. The strain associated with tilting heavy stacks of chairs onto and off of a chair dolly is a thing of the past.

The XpressLink chair transporter has a uniquely compact footprint and the load is always resting on four casters so no dangerous balancing is ever required. Maneuvering through congested service corridors and narrow doorways is easy.

Best of all, by linking two or more XpressLink chair transporters together, each worker becomes more productive.  The longer the distance your chairs need to move, the more time you will save.  Once your chairs have reached their destination, XpressLink chair transporters quickly uncouple to allow stacks of chairs to be positioned exactly where they are needed. 

There are 3 areas where you can improve on the typical process of moving stacks of banquet chairs from one place to another.

First, the basic chair dolly in use at many facilities requires the staff to apply force with their upper body and legs against the dolly in order to lift the heavy stack of chairs.  Many workers who lack the strength to do this are challenged with this part of their job.  Hiring decisions with regard to the individuals who handle chairs during set-up, may even be influenced by the physical attributes of the candidate, thus excluding worthy candidates from consideration.

Secondly, once the chair stack is lifted from the floor with basic chair dollies, the worker must balance the stack while rolling it through tight service corridors and over long distances.  This is very hard, physical work that can lead to fatigue and injury.

Thirdly, if there are 50 stacks of chairs to move, then there will be 50 round trips involved.  If the chairs are to be moved a long distance, that is a lot of walking to do and a lot of time wasted.

The XpressLink transporter features a foot-lever lift that allows anyone to raise even the heaviest chairs with ease.  While being transported, the chair transporter is always on 4 casters, improving safety and reducing fatigue.  With our exclusive linking capability, one person can move multiple stacks of chairs with each trip, greatly reducing the time it takes to set-up and reducing labor costs.

XpressPort chair transporters will pay for themselves through reduced labor costs and worker injury in a very short time.

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