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Most properties lack the space to store tables on the horizontal carts recommended by linenless table manufacturers.  Typically the tables are stored on end, leaning against the wall to save floor space. Each table must be lifted by two housemen and stacked up on a flatbed cart for transport.  The process is reversed when tearing down, adding more labor cost and wear and tear to these very delicate, expensive tables.

Space-Saver carts take no more floor space than the tables did when they were leaning against the wall and your tables are always ready to transport immediately.

With the Space-Saver, vertical cart, tables may be easily loaded by one houseman, saving additional labor and speeding set-up.  Space-Saver table carts fit through single doors and into small, passenger elevators.

Operational Benefits

Space-Saver Table Carts

Space-Saver table carts are designed to store 30” wide lightweight linenless folding tables in a vertical orientation.  Vertical storage results in a smaller footprint, saving up to 50% of floor space when compared to typical horizontal stacking.  Now you can store tables in the cart without wasting floor space, thus eliminating time consuming double handling and damage to your tables.

Single entry models afford easier handling through narrow corridors, narrow doorways and in smaller elevators.  The table cart is uniquely designed with a lowered frame to enable tables to clear all doorways with 6’ long tables and enables one-person loading.

Resilient vinyl profile extrusions are applied to the lower support rail and side rail members to protect edges and frames of tables. A foam rubber padded back rest prevents tables from sliding when unit is partially loaded. Space-Saver table carts are built from structural steel tubing and thick plate steel to handle heavy loads and hold up to many years of tough use.  Easy to roll, 8” diameter polyurethane casters and wheels with precision bearings have a load capacity of 925 lbs. per wheel.

Space-Saver table carts provide an efficient, safe and durable solution to your table storage and handling needs.  All products are backed by a 5-year warranty.

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