Slant-Stack Table Carts

Slant-Stack carts can safely handle high stacks of 18” classroom tables side by side and can quickly convert to handle a single stack of 30” banquet tables.  The same cart can handle both 6’ and 8’ long tables, so you will always have the right truck for the rectangular tables you are using.  Unlike conventional flat bed carts, the slanted bed design utilizes gravitational force to wedge each table against the backrest posts, making it nearly impossible for stacks of tables to tip over.

If limited floor space is forcing you to store tables standing on end, leaning dangerously against walls, the high stacking capacity of the Slant-Stack table cart can help.  In many cases you can store the same number of tables on the truck using about the same floor space, thus eliminating labor intensive double handling and reducing damage to tables.

Because our carts use high quality 8” diameter polyurethane wheel casters with precision bearings, even fully loaded carts can easily be moved on carpeting by one person.  The slanted bed design makes the cart faster to load and table stacks are always straight. 

An option package includes caster brakes on the handle end and casters that may be fixed or swivel on the back of the cart to improve maneuverability in tight spaces.  A post height extension kit is available to increase stacking capacity by approximately 30%. Slant-Stack table carts are backed by a 5-year warranty.  

In nearly all properties, floor space is at a premium.  Because stacking height on conventional flatbed carts is limited due to instability, moving and storing high stacks of tables on flatbed carts is not safe.

Leaning tables against a wall is a way to save floor space, but each table must be lifted and stacked on a flatbed cart each time they are to be transported for use.

The process is reversed when tearing down, adding more labor cost and wear and tear to the tables.  How much time could you save if there was a way to store high stacks of tables safely on an easy to roll table cart?  Slant-Stack table carts will pay for themselves through reduced labor costs, in a very short time.

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ModelXPTV58 shown above with standard caster arrangement.  

Model XPTV58BD is furnished with 4 swivel casters; 2 with brakes and 2 with directional locks.

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