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Round table carts are often purchased from the table manufacturer when new tables are purchased. Table manufacturers focus on making great tables, not great carts.  So what you receive is a poorly constructed, simple cart with small diameter, light duty casters that are really hard to roll on carpeting. Partially loaded carts have been know to flip over when tables shift, risking serious injury to staff.

Since most table carts are not designed efficiently, they are too large and floor space is wasted. Because of this, tables are not stored on carts and leaned against the wall instead.  When the housemen need to move tables from storage, in many cases they choose to roll them one or two at a time rather than attempt to use the poor quality carts available. Increased labor cost from rolling individual tables or loading and unloading carts creates a great opportunity for operational cost savings.

XpressPort table carts are designed to save floor space, roll much easier and reduce set-up time. Storing most of the tables you use on our table carts makes them available on a moment's notice and saves labor dollars each time they are used.

Models are available to accommodate all types of round banquet tables.

Built-in, vinyl covered ramp for easy loading.

Operational Benefits

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38" Wide Cart

Round Table Carts

Construction Features

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XpressPort slotted, table carts for round tables are designed to carry heavy loads that roll long distances over a variety of floor surfaces in high-use environments.  8” diameter x 2” wide, polyurethane wheels and casters are equipped with precision bearings, making these table carts the easiest to roll in the industry.  Swivel caster brakes are standard equipment.

The slotted design supports each table independently so that tables will not lean or fall over as they are loaded or unloaded from the cart, thus safety is enhanced and damage to tabletops and edges is reduced.

The entrance to the table cart is equipped with an integral ramp for easier loading.  The ramp components and table support cross members are covered with resilient vinyl U-channels to prevent tables from slipping while being rolled into the table cart and to protect the edges of tables during storage and transport.

Select from 13 models configured to handle various table thicknesses, including 3 cart widths to work in any facility.   High capacity models offer the most cost effective way to store and transport larger quantities of round tables where double doors are available.  Narrow width models enable loaded table carts to pass through 3’ wide doorways and work better in restricted spaces.

Every full length model may be adjusted to handle 60”, 66” and 72” diameter folding banquet tables.  Models with short side rails adjust to handle 48” and 60” tables. All products are backed by a 5-year warranty.

31" Wide Cart

Slotted design prevents tables from leaning and falling over.